K&— berries;sekuchen – all made easy

In berry time in the summer, I'm in luck. My absolute favorite fruit, the tastes of the season just like everything so much better. Whether it's raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries, I love them all. I close my eyes, I'm mentally a child again, and in the garden of my grandma, picking berries, and they put me right in the mouth, hmmm.

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Especially the currants had it done to me as a child, even though they are acidic. My berry cheese cake is my personal tribute to the berry fruit, and for me an absolute feast for the eyes.


But it makes me not to eat happy only him but also the preparation is a Feast for me. However, I must not see each and every time that I have to many berries plaster for the recipe definitely. To me the berry cheesecake tastes so good because I have combined two leak severe gripes, namely, cheese cake and berries. Cheese cake of all kinds have always been among my favorite cake.

In the berries all the time I bake the berries cheese cake once. Of course, because it tastes delicious, but also because he is for me like a "cake delivery from the land of milk and honey"😉 .


The crumbs-ground, I make this recipe aware of with a sponge. I love the taste of sponge since I was little and I decided, because I use also Mascarpone in the cream. Ladyfingers and Mascarpone cheese are always been a true culinary Love. Of course You can, if You like, for the bread crumbs-ground butter cookies use, this also goes very well.

And because the cake is simply a beautiful eye-catcher, it is also wonderful for tea Party with Your girls or as a birthday gift for a friend. You'll see, You'll get some "Aaaas" and "Ohhhhs" harvest 😉 .

Outside of berry season, you can also use TK-berries from the freezer. The summer of cake tastes good in the winter time 🙂 .

For berry lovers, I also recommend my quick berry layered dessert with curd cheese and fresh cheese , or simple berry crumble Dessert.


Cheese berries cake - easy made

Recipe print
TOTAL TIME1 hour 20 minutes




    • 175 g of Ladyfingers, crumbled - alternatively of butter biscuits
    • 100 g Butter - melted


    • 4 Eggs - Size M
    • 140 g fine sugar
    • 2 packets of Bourbon vanilla sugar (2x8g) - or the Mark from 1 vanilla bean
    • 250 g Mascarpone
    • 500 g low-fat quark
    • 1 lime - juice and zest of
    • 60 g cornstarch
    • 300 g of raspberries or mixed berries, fresh - alternatively, TK (do not thaw)


    • 300 g berries, mixed - e.g. currants, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries
    • 75 g red currant jelly
    • Some Mint Leaves


    • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees top/bottom heat heating.
    • The berries, wash and drain well.
    • For the floor, You can crumble the Ladyfingers in a blender or with a rolling pin in a freezer bag and fine. I always take the blender.
    • Melt the Butter in a saucepan, let the spoon biscuit crumbs absorb the melt and the bread crumbs into the.
    • Then You mix the crumbs thoroughly.
    • Now You lay out the bottom of Your Springform pan with a baking paper and a fat, only the Springform edge.
    • The crumbs mass distribute You well on the Springform bottom and push it down firmly.
    • Now disconnect You for covering the eggs and the protein.
    • The protein hit You with 70 g of sugar to egg whites to. With the hand mixer or the kitchen machine.
    • The yolk of the egg You hit with 70 g of sugar and the Bourbon vanilla sugar light and creamy with a hand mixer or the kitchen machine on. approximately 2-3 minutes.
    • Then You touch of Mascarpone, and Quark, the lime juice and peel until everything is well mingled.
    • Now the strength of the mass seven and under stirring.
    • Then the egg whites and mix well.
    • Now You hand out the half of the cream on the sponge ground and scrape it smooth. Then You give the half of the raspberries/or mixed berries to it (FROZEN berries do not thaw!).
    • Then the rest of the cream out and spread the remaining berries on top of it to give.
    • In the hot oven on the second shelf from the bottom (this is important for optimum results) , about 50 to 60 minutes baking.
    • When the cakes have cooled down is. You can distribute them to Decorate the berries on the cake. The Johannisbeergele warm and the berries. With mint garnish.
    • TIP: If it at the same time or in the fall/Winter You can also deep-frozen berries (not thawed!) and the berry Topping just omit.


    Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.